Unseen Friends Channeled by Annie

NEXUS: This particular unseen friend has quietly worked with me for over three years, seldom vocally but always energetically. I trusted the process, waiting for the point at which I could hold and anchor their energy enough for them to vocalize through me. In the summer of 2023, they came through fully in a group setting. Months later, in a subsequent talk, they referred to themselves as “Nexus”. Their unique big-picture vision of our evolutionary process and the concepts and ideas they introduce are beyond anything I have heard or imagined. For them, CONTACT is a sliver of opportunity within the umbrella of becoming a new human being. Contact is an invitation, a doorway…in its own way a nexus. Their unique inspiration invites us to step deeper into the grandness of who we can only imagine ourselves to be. 

IYLA is a physical being from the Pleiades who participates in the yearly contact retreats held in Bend, Oregon. She specializes in aiding planetary systems ready to make an evolutionary shift into an awakening of their galactic heritage and connections.

ANIMA is a physical being from Essasani.  ANIMA consciously connected with me before the 2021 Contact Retreat, and our channeling relationship continues to expand.  I first associated with ANIMA in the mid-’80s when she was channeled by someone else.  ANIMA informed me that I had agreed to channel in this lifetime, but I had free will, so it was a choice. I chose to develop the skill of channeling, but I never expected our relationship to come full circle so many years later!  ANIMA will participate in my Contact retreats and share more regarding our stellar connections and our evolutionary process. What she has shared with me privately is new and exciting, and I look forward to deepening my relationship with her.

MANTIS BEING:  They made a surprise appearance in the 2021 Contact Retreat as well. Artist Beky Townsend (who hosts the contact retreats with her husband Gary) had just completed a bronze sculpture of one of these Beings – a prelude to their presence that weekend. They are incredibly loving and gentle – with a great sense of humor. This is a direct quote describing themselves a bit. We are considered adept at strolling, we will say, through many lenses of reality. Creating the opportunity to self-examine who we are in the various levels of perception and weave together a synergistic view that is a composite of the whole. This synergistic view holds the individuality of each level or domain of experience and yet encapsulates it into a unified field with each maintaining its integrity. Ultimately, then, creating a unified perception of reality.”

MERLEAFA is a faerie from the Faerie realm. Unlike what most people believe, she is a full-size being with a wild and expressive presence. MERLEAFA often appears unexpectedly to share her humor and profound wisdom and leads each Faerie workshop.


Luma, a non-physical entity from our stellar heritage, was the primary consciousness I channeled and the one with whom clients most often spoke. For over a decade, she was my dear friend and companion, and our partnership graced and changed me. But on October 19th, 2021, she informed me she would be departing (see letter below).

I will always have immense gratitude and love for her presence in my life.

Hi everyone,

I have some news to share about my channeling work. 

On October 19th, I sat to receive information regarding an upcoming workshop in Phoenix.  Luma came through with a compelling and unexpected message; she will no longer be a part of my ongoing channeling team.

As most of you know, Luma has been the primary being I have channeled for over a decade.  She is the one who has done the private healing sessions and teaches my classes for Japan.  She has also taught in Phoenix and Florida and all the local channeling and Messenger of Light courses.

Her message was ‘out of the blue’ and way beyond anything I could have imagined.  Here is a bit of what she said to me.

We have consciously worked together for over a decade – and we know that your framework of time impacts you, whereas, for ourselves – being outside of space and time – is different.  So what we would like to say is time does not define our relationship.  Our relationship with you is defined by our joint commitment and by the sharing of experience as friends.


But you are now reaching way beyond our influence – so your experience of us will become less and less evident in your reality.  Another adventure is unfolding for you, our friend, as well as for us.  As you move forward, there will be significant shifts in whom you are involved with as your primary channeled relationships. In many ways, we know that both frightens and excites you, paradox.


The shift evolving will be rather abrupt from your point of view. We will, of course, be committed to the Japanese work that is currently on the calendar, and then the shift will indeed unfold.  We prep you for this change out of our honoring and respect for you.  But most importantly, our love for you.


We know it is shocking, but it is all happening as a smooth transition at the Soul level.  Our future experience of you will be different from yours, as we will still be consciously touched by that which brings you happiness and joy as this relationship is eternal.  It is not that it is over; it is just moving into another form of intimacy.


You have gone to the edge of the relationship we were destined to have together. You are now moving beyond its parameters as a beautiful reflection of your integration and determination to become more.  You are seeking a new adventure beyond what you have thus experienced, and that is now unfolding.


We know that after so long together, this seems ‘out of the blue.’ We know it feels abrupt.  But as you create space to integrate this change, you will discover and explore the beautiful mystery that remains on the other side.


We have been truly honored to have this opportunity to work so intimately with those of planet Earth.  Together, we have created so many maps of healing.  It would have been impossible without being in a relationship with you.

A couple of weeks later, my partner, Franc, wanted to have a conversation with Luma.  At a certain point in their chat, Luma said, “In many ways, we would be standing in her way” – to which he replied, “I don’t understand that AT ALL.” LUMA, “Yes, because you don’t know who is coming!”

Which made us all laugh. 

As promised, Luma completed the online Japanese work, which wrapped November 9th.  And just like that, she was gone from my conscious reality.

As you can imagine, I have been experiencing a plethora of emotions over these last few weeks.  It has taken me a while even to believe this change has occurred.

Because of it, I am re-thinking what I did in the past as a teacher and healer.  A beautiful new being has stepped in to do the private sessions and complete my journey with the Dare To Flourish group I have been honored to work with this past year.  As of yet, they have not given a name – but I love their presence.

I have had a brief glimmer of another Being who is blending with me, and I know a new journey has just begun.  I am excited and a bit scared, but I know my shift is simply a reflection of the profound changes unfolding for each of us. 

Hold tight everyone, 2022 is going to be one heck of a ride.       

Expect the unexpected!


Much love,