For 3½ years now I’ve experienced Luma’s profound skill of holding a space, both for groups, channeling classes and private sessions, where those of us present seem to naturally expand into more of our truer selves. Luma has nudged me ahead on my soul’s path in ways that have been unexpected, exciting and rewarding. I could go on about how very happy I’ve become but will simply say one could not have a more insightful and caring friend.  Karen Kael, Exopolitics Activist and Writer

My experiences with Luma have transformed my life. She gets to the heart of issues and experiences, offering perspectives far beyond what I can see on my own. The channeling course she and Annie have co-created is exquisitely designed to gradually work through our resistances to developing a clear and intimate connection with our unseen friends and guides. The classes provide a wonderful balance of information; perspectives on the channeling process, meditations to further the journey, and ample time for shared personal experience and questions. Luma’s ability to provide intimate and individualized feedback in a group setting continually amazes me.

I have now reached a level in my channeling process where I can directly experience and relate to my guides on a daily basis. My relationship with them is sacred to me and life without them is now unimaginable. What a miracle! Thank you Luma and Annie.  Shirley B., Banking Executive, San Anselmo, CA

Annie is a profoundly gifted, multi-faceted channel with seemingly boundless range and masterful ability. Working with Annie and Luma is a rich and revelatory experience, each session uniquely beneficial, empowering, and brimming with treasures that continue to unfold over time. Encountering Luma’s unwavering love, support and championing has been a remarkable journey of inspiried awakening, miraculous healing, joyous evolution and magical “friendship beyond borders”. Oh, the places we’ll go!  Gail Barrie, Transformation Specialist 

I had not met Annie or had any experience with Luma before joining her channeling class. When a friend forwarded me the flyer about it, I knew it was for me. And I’m so glad I followed my instincts! This class has changed my life in both subtle and extraordinary ways. As a result of having some amazing experiences both in and out of the class, I’ve become much more confident in my form of channeling and have stepped into new arenas for myself. Luma’s gentle and supportive teaching style  is so comforting and allowed me to be willing to play the fool in service of my growth. It truly is one of the best and most transformational things I’ve done in my life and I am extremely grateful to Annie and Luma.  Jill Culver, Soul Portraits

Luma’s loving insights and support have given me direction and hope during the darkest times of my life. I can honestly say that without their help, my journey would have been infinitely more arduous and painful. Thank you!  Suzann W.

If  you want to grow beyond your current boundaries and to challenge yourself to be more than you can imagine, take a class or have a session with Annie and Luma. You will discover realms of creativity, spirituality, healing and even intimate relationships with beings of light. Working with them has knocked my socks off, and I’ve been on the spiritual path since 1973.  Sharon Lehrer, VP Lehrer Designs Inc. 

The perspective from which Luma sees me and communicates with me illuminates my process.  I also feel uplifted and carried to a new place by the warmth and tenderness I feel when I work with Annie and Luma.  Alicia Forester, Gardener