Although Luma is the primary being channeled by Annie, others often join in sometimes depending on the subject under discussion..


Iyla is a physical being from the Pleiades who participates in the yearly contact retreats held in Bend, Oregon. She specializes in aiding planetary systems ready to make an evolutionary shift into an awakening of their galactic heritage and connections.


Merleafa is a faerie from the Faerie realm. Unlike what most people believe, she is a full-size being with a wild and expressive presence. Merleafa often appears unexpectedly to share her humor and profound wisdom and leads each Faerie workshop.


Beacon is a non-physical Being from Sirius, who introduced himself three years ago in preparation for a Contact retreat. He most often partners with Iyla in the creation of all Contact Retreat content. He also appears in the recent video on my site, A GATHERING OF ENTITIES.