Luma is the primary consciousness I channel and the one with whom clients most often speak.  She has become my dear friend and companion over the years, and our partnership has graced and changed me.  I have immense gratitude for her presence in my Life.


Luma is a non-physical entity from our stellar heritage and the most prominent of entities I have channeled over the years. She has given few details about herself, choosing instead to be evaluated by the quality of her love and the energy of healing that she gives so abundantly.  At times, my ego-self has desired more information about her, but that yearning quickly diminishes when I think of her extraordinary essence and unparalleled commitment to our world.


Her healing nature, expressed in a multitude of ways, is the gift of her presence.  We need help to navigate the tumultuous changes unfolding. In the midst of these challenges are luminous opportunities to create a life of more love, greater abundance and deepening ease and elegance.   Luma and others from outside the constraints of our reality are there as loving guides on the path.


You can expect Luma to gently challenge and guide you to set down veils of insignificance and claim a truer self.  A conversation with Luma can empower you to transmute any pain, constricting beliefs or limiting attitudes.  Problems can become opportunity, pain can be forgiven and lifted, self-punishment or denial transcended and love’s hurt healed.  In the depth of the self-love beyond forgiveness can emerge positive futures and expansive dreams we can barely even imagine.  The only requirement is the willingness and the desire for greater responsibility in the creation of one’s personal reality.  It’s your choice!