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I spent over twenty years in Los Angeles representing some of the most well-known and prolific television commercial directors in the United States and abroad. It was a very creative, challenging and rewarding time of my life. But there would be moments, in the midst of the chaos, when I would hear an inner voice, calling me to look beyond the familiar. 

One day, in a moment that transcended time, an all-encompassing love flowed into me and permeated my body for hours. I emerged from this ‘liquid love’ forever changed by the reverie and the mystery of that profound spiritual awakening. It was clear to me that I had been given a sacred gift and it was up to me to accept the invitation to let it unfold.

Soon afterwards, I began my study of the art of channeling in a class taught by Shawn Randall and her wonderful entity friend, Torah. Our intimate group would meet together every Friday night for ten years, inspiring one another to open the sacred gateways and to hone our skills as channels and mediums. I also studied for years with Fatima Castro, the Brazilian channel and mystic.

A few years ago I accepted the challenge that was set before me so long ago – to live a life that more truly reflects who I am. I chose to honor the unseen friends whom I had grown to intimately trust by making channeling my occupation.

It has been a magnificent journey as many allies, both seen and unseen, have guided me along my spiritual path.  I am deeply grateful to Lazaris, who has been a grand teacher of mine for almost three decades. And I will always be thankful to Bashar from whom I first heard the words, “You are the creator of your own reality”.

The pursuit of the endless mystery in those few words remains a beacon for me.


Please enjoy these audio clips from various classes and group gatherings.